Overview of the proposals

We want to provide better access to our farm for the public, while ensuring that we can still teach our students safely and effectively. We are proposing three distinct zones for the farm, each with their own specific use. These are shown in the plan below.Proposals plan

• Teaching Zone - Accessed by the existing farm entrance and including the croft, the lower level of the site will be dedicated to the college’s teaching facilities and support spaces.  

• Animal Care Zone - The central area of the site will allow teaching and public access to the specialist animals. Viewing galleries will allow visitors to see our exotic and small animals. We will also use this space for hosting public outreach and education events 

• Paddocks Zone - To the west, the existing paddocks will be redesigned and improved, with new walkways to improve accessibility, while ensuring all of the existing mature trees in that area are retained and continue to be managed and protected.

We are proposing a number of different access points for the public and students/staff. The proposed scheme creates separate and multiple entry points for the public and students. 

We are committed to making the farm an inclusive place for all: the layout has been designed to be as accessible as possible, and we will improve signage and wayfinding. 

We are proposing two new buildings within the farm 

Teaching Block - Located in the Teaching Zone, alongside the Croft, this building will provide all of the traditional classrooms and support spaces.  

• Animal Block - Located in the Animal Care Zone, this will provide our specialist animal facilities and will have separate accesses for visitors and for staff/students.

Aerial view

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