Landscape strategy

As an outdoor education College, much of our learning takes place outdoors and the landscape will be the common thread which ties together all the courses on offer - central to the Capel experience.  

The landscape has been considered from the outset as a driving force behind the building siting and design. We intend with our own design and horticulture students to develop the landscaping plans in more detail, providing them with a unique learning opportunity.Landscape aerial

The outdoor spaces will include several key areas: 

• A car park and entrance garden that will make a beautiful first impression for visitors entering the site and makes use of some of the best of the site’s existing features, such as the dramatic Eucalyptus tree and the northern Glasshouse.

• The welcome courtyard will make a dividing line between the public and private areas of the site. 

• The working courtyard will be the social heart of the college for students, and will act a showcase for their work on public open days. As well as being a pleasant outdoor space to relax in, the courtyard will also provide growing space and room for climbing plants. 

• The landscaped area east of the site and the meadow to the north will be kept. The planting beds to the south will be made bigger, better and more accessible. 

• The existing animal paddocks will be kept, but with improved access. 

• The surrounding woodland will be carefully managed by students and staff, providing a valuable learning opportunity as well as creating environmentally-sensitive footpaths that the public will be able to enjoy.  

We are committed to making Mottingham an inclusive site, and the plans include DDA-compliant routes as well as improved wayfinding to ensure that everyone can enjoy moving around the site.

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