The existing site

The aerial photo below shows our site at Mottingham as it is now.Site overview

The main access into the site - both vehicle and pedestrian - is by using the roundabout on Mottingham Lane, one minute from the A20. Mottingham, Grove Park and Lee stations are approximately 20 minutes walk from the site if arriving by public transport. The 273 bus also serves the site. 

The western boundary of the site is formed by the Quaggy River. Over the river are the back gardens of the semi-detached houses along Jevington Way. The northern boundary of the site is formed by the highway of Mottingham Lane. The southern boundary is shared with open fields and the New Lodge Riding School.  

The site is edged by woodland along its eastern, southern and western boundaries, which limits views into the site. 

Below you can see some of the existing buildings on the site: the numbers on the plan correspond to the numbers below the photos, so you can see the viewpoint in each case. Plan and layout

The buildings were all installed before Capel Manor College took over the site. They are generally poor quality, cheaply built and in varying states of repair – some of them are in such bad condition that we cannot use them at all.  

To allow access for disabled people, we have installed access ramps. There is also a great deal of tarmac and hardstanding across the site, which is unattractive and does not promote biodiversity. The entrance from Mottingham Lane is accessed through the car park which does not present the most attractive approach to the College.  

The current layout lacks any logical structure: it does not make full use of the site and it means our students and staff are effectively cut-off from the surrounding landscape. We want to sensitively re-design the site so that our students, staff and visitors get the maximum benefit from it.


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